A Wisconsin Face of the New Democratic Party, the 2020 Democratic nominee, and a New Look for FedUp!

Roy, Eleanor, and Tom welcome 27-year old Wisconsin legislator and rising Democratic star Greta Neubauer to the show. Greta relates her optimism for a new progressive agenda and a turnaround in Wisconsin in 2020. 

The Cocktail Guy joins from Jerome, Arizona , where he discovered a special twist  for the venerable Manhattan. And the group completes the 2020 Democratic Presidental Bracket. Guess who wins?

Finally, Roy discusses the upcoming fresh look for FedUp!, with special programs on key historical political events that changed history. Transition 1992-93? The Travel Office mess? Monica? G.H.W. Bush's snub of Reaganites? Small mistakes lead to monumental outcomes!

Stay tuned for the New FedUp!

Roy Neel