The Kavanaugh Saga: Part 2

Roy, Tom, and Eleanor are joined by renowned pollster Peter Hart as Brett Kavanaugh mounts an angry defense of his reputation after Dr. Christine Blasey Ford convincingly accused him of sexual assault earlier in the day. Kavanaugh melts down, blames everyone from the Clintons to nefarious left wing groups for his situation, showing bizarre judicial temperament. Do we really want this guy on the Supreme Court?

Nan Aron, Pres. of Alliance for Justice, lays out the case for Kavanaugh’s rejection.

Peter Hart reports on growing potential for a possible blue wave, IF women turn out to vote in November. He reports that the gender gap has never been so great, in large part because Trump is reviled by such a large margin of women. 

GOP senators, whipped up by Lindsay Graham’s wild, foam-at-the-mouth remarks, try to turn the hearing into a bash-Democrats affair. 

And to make matters even weirder, Sen. Jeff Flake forces a delay in the floor vote to complete a new investigation into the charges by Dr. Ford and other women.

Stay tuned…

Roy Neel