The Senate! The House! Blue? Red? What's happening?

We get the latest assessment from key observers. The critical Tennessee Senate race has tightened, and Marsha "Trump-Before-Trump" Blackburn's scorched earth campaign has gotten a Trump bump. TN moderate Republican heavyweight Tom Ingram lays out a coherent picture and predicts a narrow Bredesen win.

UVa's Larry Sabato surveys the mid-term landscape and veteran Washington Post political reporter Dan Balz revisits his extensive WP essay on the lack of a compelling Democratic message. 

Predictions: the group continues to envision a Democratic takeover of the House, but struggling to win back the Senate. Your host demurs: both the House and the Senate will flip, and Trump's irresponsible, corrupt Administration will face withering investigations in the coming Congress. No impeachment, but also no more Trump SCOTUS nominations.

Stay tuned!

Roy Neel